International Polarity and Synergy Management  (I12)


  • Chairpersons & managing directors of international companies & business divisions
  • Heads and managers of international business and strategy development.
  • Zielsetzung

    Your Benefits
  • Improved performance as organizations that leverage polarities well outperform those that try to “solve” them as problems. Conflicting issues get converted into collaboration and synergies.
  • Well processed information, better decisions and more effective actions by engaging stakeholders, a wide spectrum of ideas, and the wisdom even in resistance.
  • A culture of broad commitment which boosts motivation and energy for continuous improvements transforming your organisation with profound and lasting impact.
  • Higher speed and sustainability of your international strategy and change efforts.
  • Continuous tracking and steering of your progress and sustaining success as your realities shift and change over time.
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      Process and Content
      International issues or strategy conflicts are often not either-or problems to be solved but polarities to be leveraged, e.g. growing internationally and increasing profits, global strategy and local implementation, being technology leader and customer focussed. We create strategic synergies using the Polarity Approach for Continuity and Transformation™ leading to Real Time Strategic Change™, and the international experience of Executive Synergy}. We offer services at various levels:
      • Free demonstration of leveraging a polarity and introduction to polarity thinking
      • Concrete leveraging of crucial polarities with key stakeh olders in several steps:
    • Identifying the most important issues and describing the underlying polarities to more completely see the upsides of each pole to be leveraged
    • Assessing how effective we have been and generating ideas to improve leveraging the polarity, thereby energising employees
    • Road-mapping and implementing actions maximizing both upsides and steering a synergistic balance immediately and over time.