International Team Development and Team Maintenance  (I11)


Team leaders with international teams, in headquarters and/or local sites, in joint ventures or other forms of international cooperation, in line functions or projects.


Your Benefits
  • Hands-on “International Team Development” spares the troubles of many weeks to form an international high performance team. It boosts group spirit, cohesion, co-operation, synergy and performance:
  • at the team start: “international team building”
  • at milestones, new course settings or team changes: “team consolidation"
  • in challenging conditions and conflicts: “team solution”
  • or to process experiences and prevent a build-up of misunderstandings, frustrations or hidden accusations: “team check-up”, “team maintenance“
  • Inhalt

      Process and Programme
      Process and programme will vary subject to your international team composition, their intercultural experiences, organisational set-up or team phase. Reference points are:
      • Needs assessment, prior to and at the beginning of team development events
      • International Team Workshop:
      - Short modules on intercultural management as prefix or inclusion
      -Workshop facilitation, for instance with these steps and results:
    • What are we here for? Clarifying and aligning expectations and team goals
    • Defining team values and principles, roles, processes and practices
    • Identifying specific strengths and motivators of cultures, sub-groups and individuals in the team to be utilised
    • Processing cross-cultural experiences; dissolving misunderst andings; reducing negative stereotypes; identifying early warnings of irritations and actions to dissolve them
    • Implementing a sustainable synergy process to leverage cultural polarities
    • Identifying and committing to individual and team responsibilities
    • • Documentation of learning, agreements, commitments and conclusions
      • Report and debriefing; possibly coaching