Intercultural Leadership Development  (I10)


  • Executives with broad international responsibilities
  • Leaders and managers of international business units and projects
  • Professionals and high potentials with international tasks
  • Zielsetzung

    Your Benefits
  • More than awareness-only trainings or a flood of etiquette details:
  • You take home concrete and well-structured information on various management cultures , clear recommendations for your specific tasks, plus concepts and indicators you can use wherever you go. This is more worth than a dozen single country seminars.
  • You increase your intercultural competence, confidence and skills. You will be still more successful internationally.
  • Inhalt

      • Global map of cultures, key differences of cultural regi ons, data for 100+ countries
      • Critical international differences in (for example, selection subject to your tasks)
      -Establishing cross-cultural contacts and managing international relationships
      -Communicating cross-culturally, various aspects
      -Managing international projects and day-to-day cooperation
      -Leading and motivating people, delegating and supervising across cultures
      -Culture specific differences in market entry and Marketing
      -Successfully dealing with agreements and time, Problems and conflicts
      • Focus on leveraging different cultural strengths and creating synergy.